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Low Platelets Cell

Platelets are regarded as a significant component of blood plasma as they contribute to blood clotting. The condition of low platelet count can also be called thrombocytopenia.

In this medical issue, the person suffers from a decreased platelet count that can be a major cause of internal bleeding (which can be both severe and mild) and hemorrhage. Both of these problems are life-threatening. This problem can occur in people of any age group.

The platelet count decreases due to some other underlying issue. Hence, if the underlying issue or disease is treated properly, the platelet count rises automatically. It is mostly caused by alcoholism, autoimmune disorders, cancers or cancer treatments, intoxication, resistant medications, bone marrow diseases etc.

Dr. Passi’s clinic is the best place in Ludhiana for the treatment of low platelet count as here you will get the mildest and most effective ayurvedic medicines that will not only enhance your platelet count but also improves blood plasma.

Viral Fevers

(Dengue Fever, Chickenguniea, Flu etc.)

Viral fevers are those that occur from a viral infection or due to the attack of any virus on the human body. Viral fevers are of various types: Dengue, Flu, Chickenguniea etc. While some of the viral fevers resolve on their own within a few days, many viral fevers require proper and adequate medical treatment and attention of a doctor.

Usually, it is a matter of concern when the body temperature exceeds 103 degrees. The symptoms of viral fevers include; weakness, loss of appetite, body pain, sweating, headache etc. Such fevers are caused by extremely small infectious agents named as “Virus”. They grow in numbers on infecting a human body and fever occurs as the body fights these infectious agents.

You can get your viral fever diagnosed at Dr. Passi’s clinic and avail proper and natural treatment for it via means of natural or ayurvedic medication. They will help you to not only combat the fever but even edifies your immunity.

Hair Problems

Nowadays, hair problems occur in all the age groups. People face problems in both the hair and scalp such as excessive hair loss, greying of hair, dryness in scalp etc. Such problems related to hair arise due to many causes such as lack of adequate nutrition, aging, hormonal imbalances and so on.

While there are several medications available in the market, they can sometimes prove to be very hard on your body and can result in many side effects. However, Dr. Passi’s Ayurvedic medicines and treatment is the ideal solution for your hair problems.

Skin Diseases

The skin is the most exposed and vulnerable part of the body that garners many diseases and medical problems. The most common skin problems these days are; acne, shingles, rashes, contact and atopic dermatitis, sunburn, blisters, hives, measles etc.

These skin diseases can have a wide range of symptoms, from mild to severe. Some of the skin diseases are caused by viruses while others may be caused by bacterial or fungal infections.

A majority of the skin problems are curable and ayurvedic medicines stand at their best in resolving these skin problems with minimal or almost no side effects. Dr. Passi’s clinic is just the place that you are looking for to move away from the clingy skin problems.

Sexual Problems

There are 4 categories of sexual problems; desire disorders, arousal disorders, orgasm disorders and plain disorders. Sexual problems are also called as sexual dysfunction. The result of sexual problems is either dissatisfaction during intercourse or inability to have a baby which is also known as infertility.

In the problem of infertility, the woman is unable to get pregnant despite having unprotected or carefully timed sex. There are ample number of causes contributing to infertility. However, these problems are medically treatable and ayurvedic medications are the best way to combat the sexual problems and infertility as the ayurvedic way does not pose any side effects or weaken the body.

You will find the best-quality treatment for sexual problems at Dr. Passi’s clinic with the righteous guidance and assured medical assistance.

Joints Diseases

Joint diseases are known as osteoarthritis or arthritis that involves the wear and tear of cartilage in the bones of joints. In this medical condition, there is an attack on the joints of the body by the immune system. It initiates swelling and tenderness like symptoms around the joints.

Arthritis is quite prevalent among the old age people who experience joint pain in arthritis. In some cases, it is curable but many cases are just worked upon medically to reduce the symptoms and enhance the quality of life.

Ayurvedic medicines have shown miraculous results when it comes to relieving people of joint diseases. You can avail prominent quality treatment of arthritis from Dr. Passi’s clinic.

Diabetes Mellitus (Sugar)

 It is commonly known as “diabetes” or “sugar” which comprises a certain group of diseases that results in an increased concentration of sugar in blood or high blood glucose.

It is further categorized into 3 types; Type 2 diabetes, Type 1 diabetes and Prediabetes. There are many causes of diabetes but the prominently considered one is auto-immune disorder. Diabetes has been considered as a chronic disease.

To keep your diabetes under control, one can always switch to ayurvedic medicines.