How does Ayurveda help to Boost Immunity?

Do you often suffer from common colds and coughs?

Do you experience digestion problems?

That must be because of low immunity. Primary immunodeficiency disorders are present since birth, and poor diet escalates the immune system.

Relation of Ayurveda with immunity

Ayurveda classifies diseases into two types- Nija and Aganthu.

Ayurveda describes immunity as Bala, Vyadhi Kshamathwa, or Ojas.

  • Bala

It refers to the concept of strength. It maintains the overall balance of the body with the tissues and body functions- digestion and elimination.

  • Vyadhi Kshamathwa

It resists the attack of pathogens on the immune system. Vyadhi Kashamathwa is responsible for the immune system to stand strong against the disease and minimise its effect on the body.

  • Ojas

It is responsible for the nourishment of each layer of the tissues. The proper functioning of the body depends on the seven layers of the tissues.

Ojas is not limited to fighting diseases but developing resilience against unfavourable conditions like extreme weather conditions and unhealthy eating habits.

Ayurvedic remedies to maintain immunity

To maintain a healthy immune system, diet and exercise play a predominant role. Foods rich in antioxidants and carotenoids provide micro-nutrients to the body that builds strength.

Eating foods high in saturated fat, sugar, and caffeine reduces the Agni, which is the base of the immune system. Binge eating and overeating reduce the capacity of the digestive system.

Now you know what to avoid, let’s see what should be the diet to boost immunity.

  • Golden Milk

Sounds weird? It isn’t. Milk with turmeric is referred to as golden milk. Turmeric has antioxidant properties and works wonders to boost immunity.

A pinch of turmeric in warm milk during winter helps fight many diseases and prevents diabetes.

  • Vitamin-rich diet

Vitamin C strengthens our immune system and rejuvenates the cells. Eat Vitamin C-rich fruits like oranges daily. You can even drink lemon mixed with lukewarm water on an empty stomach.

Green leafy vegetables enhance the amount of Vitamin K and Vitamin B in the body, and dry fruits like raisins and almonds are a great source of Vitamin A and Magnesium.

  • Nasya

Everyone knows the benefits of a healthy diet, but very few are aware of the Nasya treatment for boosting immunity. Putting a few drops or applying a layer of ghee or coconut oil in your nostrils prevents the bacteria from entering through the nasal openings.

Even Vogue considers the Nasya process to be a huge success in curing a common cold and boosting immunity.

  • Can’t Forget to Exercise

It hasn’t been said enough. A simple Surya Namaskar and Pranayama improves blood circulation and the gut system.

Besides, it is good to take a walk in the morning for about 30 minutes. That would ready you mentally and physically for the challenges of the day, and you won’t feel fatigued.

Yoga and meditation reduce stress levels, thus increasing blood circulation. And good blood flow means a healthy immune system.

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Our immune system prevents us from many diseases and bacteria attacks. But we must keep our immune systems strong and healthy.

These healthy routine habits will create a major difference to create balance and harmony in the body and mind.

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