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Dr. Jogesh Passi (G.A.M.S) is one of the leading Ayurvedic Specialists in Punjab. He is the founder and director of Add Veda Life Care, Ludhiana. He is G.A.M.S. He has always been intrigued by the utter capabilities of the stream of Ayurveda in curing different human ailments.

He has always contributed his best share of skill and knowledge in treating his patients and increasing awareness about multifarious concepts of Ayurveda among the public in general.

He is the best doctor for Gluten Allergy in Punjab with the most assured guidance and treatment. With a huge and content clientele treated for various cases from different countries like India, USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia etc. his profile is just the one that every patient seeking Ayurvedic medical help searches for.




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Gluten intolerance and diet concept. Kid refuses to eat white bread. Selective focus on bread. Kid on gluten free diet is saying no thanks to toast.


Wheat allergy is highly prevalent these days among people of different age groups. In this medical issue, a child or an adult starts developing symptoms or signs in a short span of time after the ingestion of wheat products. It is a kind of allergic reaction to the ingestion of foods consisting of wheat and in some cases, the symptoms appear even after inhaling wheat flour.


It is commonly known as “Celiac Disease” that occurs due to the intake of gluten or gluten products. In actuality, gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, rye and barley. The allergy occurs due to the inflammation that arises in the lining of the small intestine after the ingestion of gluten.

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With the right communication, perfect environment for treatment, cooperative staff and the best ayurvedic medicines, Dr. Jogesh Passi’s patients always feel assured and secured. He is among the Best Doctors for Wheat Allergy, Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease Treatment in Ludhiana/ Punjab.



Dr. Jogesh Passi understands the psychology of patients with regards to Ayurvedic medication. Thus, he makes them understand the significance and process in a thorough way along with providing the most amiable and cozy environment for people of all the age groups.



Dr. Passi’s place is just the one you are looking for as here you get the most appropriate and accurate treatment with proper guidance and support. With such an accuracy, he is regarded as the best doctor for gluten allergy in Punjab- India.

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Yes, a prior appointment is always required as it will save you from extra waiting time. Otherwise, you can visit the clinic anytime in between the given visiting hours. You can also book an online video/audio consultation appointment if you are not able to visit him personally.

You can click on the wheat allergy column and you will land on a detailed page which comprises full-fledged information related to wheat allergy. You can book an appointment with Dr. Passi to know more about wheat allergy as it is quite prevalent these days.

You can check the list of medical issues dealt at Dr.Passi’s Ayurveda clinic on our website. Apart from this, you can personally call for more guidance.

You can check the review section of our website and even search on GOOGLE for authentic & genuine reviews of patients treated for various cases from different countries like India, USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia etc.

Yes, you can avail online consultation as the pandemic has urged to take almost every service online. Hence, Dr. Passi will provide you complete guidance on a problem online regardless of your geographical location.